Bakshi Security & Personnel Services Pvt. Ltd.,
The company has an integrated methodology that includes standing or dedicated guards for onsite location deployment, a comprehensive and truly state of the art patrol contingent, and a cutting edge managerial philosophy. The latest improvements include the new and improved video monitoring aspect that couples with conventional alarm monitoring, as well as the armed response. Residential, industrial, and commercial patrol accounts combine to afford a saturation of our presence in every theater that we operate within.
Bakshi Security offers a range of services unparalleled in the security industry. Our personalized approach is both professional and reliable. Our officers are steadfast and unswerving when it comes to the safety of our clients and their investments. Our reputation in the security industry for personal attention is recognized as the best in the community. We approach each client individually, matching security associates and supervisory staff to their unique needs. We focus on our client’s specific requests and requirements, delivering a proactive resolution, not a reactive response.